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The Channel is busy – Jatnasheel on Tuesday?

(Monday, July 25) The Channel is busy!

July 24: It Is Just Real

They are the quiet heroes.  They are but 10 and yet though so small in number, these runners are a veritable ar

July 23: Race Postponed 24 hours

Due to the severe nature of the current weather forecast for the New York region the race has been postponed for 24 ho

Self-Transcendence Personified – Surasa Mairer

The race is called “The  Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race” and to run that distance in 52 days says it al

July 22: Happiness Has To Come

Do you remember how your mother used to wake you up on schooldays.  My Mom had just that special kind of tone to her v

July 21: Every Day A New Day

Sometime 2 days ago Ashpri

July 20: I Always Learned Something

“The main quality I felt this morning was gratitude.”  Just before dawn, and with just a few precious minutes

July 19: This Is So Precious

Most of us like to think of ourselves as being self sufficient.  That no matter what the task in fro

July 18: We Are Here To Run

It is only in a photograph that you can really stop and adequately capture the speeding world around us.  Tim

July 17: Along The Way

The runners have all now completed 5 full weeks of running.  That is 35 straight 18 hour days.  If you or I