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  • by Aleksandra Djuric

    Two thousand pounds of baby food, soy protein and rice was sent from
    the Onenesss-Heart-Tears and Smiles in Switzerland (www.
    kidstokids.ch) to our partner in Kenya, the Rhein Valley Hospital,
    which distributed it to thousands of Nakur refugees. For many years,
    Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the Oneness- Heart-Tears and Smiles, had
    been in close contact with the Kenyan champions Tegla Loroupe and Paul
    Tergat. Both these athletes had visited Sri Chinmoy in New York and
    discussed their humanitarian work in Kenya. In April 2007, Sri Chinmoy
    asked that humanitarian aid be sent from Switzerland to Kenya on his
    behalf. In an interview,Tegla commented: "Sri Chinmoy has been an
    inspiration for me personally since I met him for the first time in
    1995 in New York. Since then we have grown very close. I thought the
    Team of doctors and volunteers from Rhein Valley Hospital was going to
    forget me, but then I found out that we have an inner connection. I
    want to say: He is a great leader and a spiritual person."

    Tegla Loroupe has written to inform us that, despite the chaos due to
    disputed election results in Kenya, she and the staff of her Peace
    Academy are safe. She has been working with peace mediators to unite
    the different tribes in Kenya.The conflict over election results has
    led to the loss of more than 1,000 lives and the displacement of close
    to 300,000 Kenyans. Hutashan arranged for the Swiss Red Cross to offer
    50 tents to house displaced individuals. Fortunately, a peace
    agreement has been signed and the parties are planning comprehensive
    constitutional reform. An international team is working to obtain the
    release of our sea container from the port in Nairobi. Your prayers
    for peace in Kenya and for the release of our shipment of food and
    other supplies would be deeply appreciated.

    You can watch an interview with Stephan Holderegger, the founder of
    the Rhein Valley Hospital at http://srichinmoy.tv/tv/245.You can also
    read about the activities at this hospital in Nakuru on their blog at

    From: Inspiration Sun Edition 2

  • by Nayak

    Pujaloy! After Ramakrishna's passing, Vivekananda and other disciples
    took some journeys around India by way of pilgrimage. I have recently
    been hearing of several of Guru's disciples traveling around to other
    Centres across the world. They are visiting strong Centres and distant
    Centres. One of our own Centre members is now in New Zealand for two

    I believe that Guru created our own version of the classic pilgrimage.
    He encouraged us to visit each other and have Joy Days together. Most
    recently He created Pujaloy through the dedication of a very large
    number of European disciples, encouraging us to visit.

    Guru also personally took us on pilgrimage to many places in the world
    to receive from and to offer blessings to the diversity of God's
    creation. There are several highly dedicated meditation teachers who
    have made many pilgrimages to Centres across the globe, teaching
    meditation classes and absorbing something from each Centre during
    their visits and offering us tremendous inspiration on their travels.
    Again, this is a pilgrimage. Disciple music groups have also made
    pilgrimages of song to far flung places. Finally, over the years there
    have been thousands and thousands of pilgrimages by disciples across
    the globe to see our Master in New York, our Guru's sacred New York.
    For some disciples, the enormous financial barrier and the barrier of
    great distance made this truly a pilgrimage, a trip so challenging
    that some may have made it only once in their lives--or have yet to
    make it.

    Ours is truly a path of pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is coming up for me.
    I am planning to attend the big German Joy Days at Heidelberg and
    Pujaloy during May 10-12. This will be my first visit to Pujaloy, and
    my first visit to Europe in a very long time. I plan also to be a
    pilgrim to the famous Madal Bal stores and to two or three Centres. I
    believe that Projjwal invited everyone to come to the big German Joy
    Days. I am sure that it will not be my last pilgrimage. There are many
    sacred places to visit. Each Centre is a shrine, a temple, a sacred
    place. So, curiously, without calling them pilgrimages, Guru has given
    us the yearning and habit to travel to inspiring places, such as
    Pujaloy! Maybe that is the best message of all. Heaven is in your own
    back yard. And, may I add, we always welcome pilgrimages to Seattle.

    By: Nayak from Inspiration Sun edition 2


  • by Sanjay

    >From time to time my job keeps me in Manhattan late at night and
    rather than brave the subways, and possibly fall asleep and miss the
    Parsons Boulevard stop (it has happened!) I take a taxi back to
    Jamaica. Anyhow, on a freezing night in late March, I was in a cab
    driven by an overly loquacious driver who engaged me quite animatedly
    in a conversation that seemed to change subjects every five minutes.
    We began each topic in opposition to one another but somehow we would
    end up agreeing - some- times he would change his mind, sometimes I
    would change mine - and then he would invariably change the topic.
    Some- what of a rarity these days, this cabbie wasn't an immigrant:
    not a Sikh, not Hispanic, not from the Caribbean or Africa. He was a
    true blue New Yorker, a spitting image of the character "Jim" from one
    of Guru's favorite comedy shows: "Taxi".

    Anyhow, while driving on the highway, the driver (he must have been 55
    years old or so) kept looking back at me during heated moments of our
    debate as our conversation swung from politics, to the presidential
    race, to stories about his karate teacher and his general views on
    life. As he told me tales of his Sensei and how his teacher's advice
    to remain composed and loving during adverse circumstances kept him
    from sending many a soul to the hospital, I considered telling a tale
    or two to him about our Guru, but thought better of it, preferring not
    to bear my soul, so to speak, in fear of sparking criticism of Guru.

    As we got closer to home, we exited the Grand Central, swung up the
    ramp toward Parsons Boulevard and although I alerted him of the
    upcoming right turn, he drove past it, deeply engrossed in his own
    witty own rebuttal to one of my arguments. As we approached 164th
    Street I interrupted him and barked an order to turn right. Nearing
    Annam Brahma, preparing to make another right to take us back to
    Parsons, he stopped his own flow of thought, pointed at the restaurant
    and asked me if I had ever eaten there, adding proudly, "I've been
    eating there since the early 70's."

    "I eat there all the time!" I answered enthusiastically, stunned by
    this coincidence. Then I said, "And furthermore, Sri Chinmoy was my
    teacher." I don't know why I used the word "was." I really feel there
    is no "was" with Guru, but an eternal "is." But suddenly the cabbie's
    dynamic, over-the-top demeanor changed. Very soulfully he said, "I was
    so sad when Sri Chinmoy passed. He was a real teacher, a real gift to
    this entire world." He shook his head back and forth a number of
    times, profoundly affected by the remembrance of Guru's passing 5
    months earlier.

    For the remaining four blocks of the ride, we were completely silent,
    each of us reflecting on the many ways Guru had touched us. We
    departed with a nod of our heads and a deeper appreciation of our
    shared fortune to have been among those who were aware of and who
    loved Guru while he was on earth.

    By: Sanjay from Inspiration Sun, edition 2

  • by Prachar

    Silent, still, serene, immense, stupendous, beauteous, wondrous,
    ancient, awesome, humbling, striking, powerful, profound, primal,
    magnificent, majestic, munificent, mysterious, unique, constantly
    changing yet ever the same, the closest thing we have on our physical
    earth to "Eternal" – Uluru has stood for millions of millennia, since
    before some continents were formed and long before mankind was ever
    dreamed of.

    Uluru presides over the largest stage on earth. Flying from any
    direction for hours over flat and seemingly limitless desert expanses,
    the enormous red rock looms into view from afar, turning heads and
    hearts in one direction, transfixing all with its sheer magnitude,
    ineffable beauty and uplifting majesty. Far from being intimidated by
    the unimaginable vastness of its setting, Uluru is serenely at ease at
    the centre of a continent, a companion for the sun, moon, stars and
    infinite sky.

    Every inch is unique – no feature symmetrical, uniform or in any way
    `usual.' From close up, from any distance, from any angle at any time
    of day, Uluru offers limitless aspects, moods and personalities.
    Peerless, The Rock is a world, a cosmos in itself, spanning heaven and
    earth and strongly intimating the Beyond. Outwardly mute, yet teeming
    with teachings, stories and wisdom, Uluru connects us with our core,
    imparts to us a new and eternal sense of self and being. At once
    massive and intricate in her physicality, her resonant power to
    release sympathetic emotion, to awaken aspiration and ignite inspi-
    ration in our hearts and minds has permanently established Uluru in
    the inner landscape of all who have connected with her – either in
    person or in their creative imagination. If there is any one place
    where the soul of Australia resides, it is surely here.

    Thus the World Harmony Run 2008 "Journey Around the Continent"
    commenced here, at the very heart of the world's most ancient land. A
    team of runners from around Australia gathered at Uluru on 18 March
    for a symbolic start to the epic journey that will take them over
    15,000 km between April and August. After sunset, with tourists and
    flies dissipated, in the soft soothing silence of moon and starlight,
    the team jogged with the Harmony Torch around the track encircling the
    base of Uluru, towering gigantic above. These soft footfalls in desert
    sand marked the real commencement of the journey, a 9-km inner circle
    that will be extended step by step into the full 15,000-km outer
    circuit around the continent.


    Astonishingly, most of Uluru lies beneath the surface of the sand,
    unseen and unmanifested. Even so, these steps around a continent with
    a flaming torch hint at a far greater and glorious future of mankind –
    the "oneness and fullness of tomorrow's sun."

    By: Prachar from: Inspiration Sun Edition 2

    For Inspiration Sun with photos:


    More photos of Uluru:


  • by Salil

    On the morning of 27 March 2008 the World Harmony Run began its
    49-nation, 24,000-km odyssey across Europe. The opening ceremony took
    place in Rome, at the headquarters of the United Nations Food and
    Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Upon arriving at the FAO, I enjoyed
    observing the excitement and anticipation in our team members; since
    many of the runners have participated in this event before, we know
    the richness of the experience and the abiding sense of fulfillment
    that invariably becomes part of the daily World Harmony Run experience
    - and we have about 7 glorious months to look forward to as we begin
    this, the European leg of the 2008

    After some introductions to the very helpful and eager FAO staff, I
    was invited into the VIP reception room to await the arrival of the
    other VIPs. I was particularly thrilled to find myself seated across
    the room from Tegla Loroupe, one of the world's fastest women marathon
    runners and Gina Lollobrigida, one of Italy's most famous actresses.

    After all the VIPs had gathered, we headed out to officially light the
    torch and get on our way. Mr. James Butler, Deputy Director General of
    the FAO spoke very graciously, congratulating us on our efforts and
    thanking the Run's founder, Sri Chinmoy for initiating the Run. I
    responded, thanking the FAO for all its support and assistance in
    bringing this event to fruition. Tegla Loroupe, who serves as UN
    Ambassador for Sport, shared a most heartfelt speech highlighting the
    importance of world harmony, especially for children. Next to offer
    her thoughts was FAO spokesperson, Gina Lollobrigida, who has devoted
    countless hours to humanitarian activities and was the one of the
    first four FAO Ambassadors, appointed in 1999. We then lit the torch
    and passed it among the dignitaries before heading out towards the
    Colosseum, where we met 300 school children who accompanied us to the
    Rome City Hall, designed by Michelangelo. There we were received by
    Mr. Morcone, the City Commissioner.

    After lighting a beacon and formally launching the run, we descended
    to street level and followed a police escort through the narrow
    streets of Rome, creating quite a stir amongst tourists and Romans
    alike. This was a most significant launch to the European World
    Harmony Run and we extend our thanks to the FAO, the City of Rome and
    to all the organizations and individuals who worked so hard to bring
    this event to life.

    By: Salil from Inspiration Sun Edition 2


  • Surya’s big smile

    by Sahatvam

    . . . blessed about 165 runners at the 6-Hour-Self-Transcendence-Race
    in Nuremberg on March 25th. The day started with a misty morning
    during the setup of the race and later on the sun came out. Everybody
    was very happy that it was not raining like the day before and not
    snowing like a few years ago. So the course was in pretty good
    condition and the 25 counters were in a joyful mood when the race
    started at 10 o'clock.

    With the largest field ever and the great weather many runners started
    out fast – maybe too fast. As a result, one of the leaders had to drop
    out, along with quite a few others. Nevertheless 155 competitors made
    it to the finish at 4 pm. Among them were fourteen runners from the
    Sri Chinmoy marathon teams in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and
    Mongolia Mongolia. (Mongolian Tsogo actually lives in Japan.) The
    winner among the men was Kuranga Peel with 76,137 km and among the
    women Sylvia Wünsche with 72,552 km. Best disciples were Miroslav
    Pospisek (62,442) and Ivana Némcová (61,863) from Prague.

    Vasanti took it as a peaceful training run for her channel-ultra-
    triathlon in August and covered 46,87 km. One of the runners, Achim
    Heukemes, will take part in the 10-day-race in New York in April/May
    where he will try to challenge Madhupran Schwerk, the 3100 mile

    After the race many of the runners expressed their gratitude,
    specially to the counters and the food-service team, who tirelessly
    inspired them to give their best. Everyone is cordially invited to
    next year's 6-Hour, when we hope Surya will favor us with more


    From: Inspiration Sun Edition 2

  • by Shankara

    Ten years is a long gap between tours but that's what it had been
    since our last concert tour, so we were excited and a bit apprehensive
    as we made our separate ways from four countries to Belgrade. I was
    very happy to be returning to Serbia and Macedonia, as we'd had lovely
    experiences there years ago. I was also curious to see how much things
    had changed.

    Arriving in Belgrade, we were royally looked after by the
    ever-generous Belgrade disciples, fed to bursting point and given the
    space to practise the day before our first concert. It was an intense
    day, starting with a TV interview at 9 am followed by hours of
    practising (so necessary as we all live in different countries and
    only meet up a few times a year) and then the concert. Unfortunately,
    our visit coincided with some political unrest and there was a degree
    of tension on the streets (though none of us ever felt remotely
    unsafe) so the audience numbers weren't as high as had been hoped for,
    but none of that mattered. The people who came seemed to really
    appreciate the music and identified with the abundant peace that Sri
    Chinmoy's songs embody. We loved being back on stage and singing our
    hearts out. After the concert it was off to Sladja's new restaurant, a
    great little place in the heart of the city, for a delicious supper of
    rice and dhal. We were all so impressed with the way she had put the
    place together and wish her great success. People are bound to love
    the food. It was very yummy!

    The following day we were due to perform in Novi Sad, but there had
    been a devastating fire in a local club and seven people had perished,
    so the city announced a three day morning period and our concert was
    cancelled. As sad as this was for us, we were touched by a community
    spirit so strong that it collectively mourned the loss of its
    citizens. We thought this meant a night without a concert, but we
    underestimated the Serbs! Within less than 24 hours, they arranged a
    substitute concert in the beautiful city of Subotica and managed to
    find a small audience too. The concert was probably my favourite of
    the tour as we really felt the audience entering into the music and it
    seemed everyone was meditating. The feedback from the audience was so
    peaceful and they made it very easy to perform.

    Next we were off to Nis, where the concert was in a puppet theatre. It
    was great. All these amazing puppets in the wings and a very
    atmospheric hall. Next morning it was off to the Bulgarian border and
    a concert in Sofia. Everything went smoothly – a relief as we were
    carrying quite a bit of sound equipment with us – and we fought
    through the endless Sofia traffic to a big concert hall with a lovely
    grand piano, it's so great when we have a real piano to perform with
    rather than a synthesizer pretending to be a piano! The concert went
    well, 200 people came, and we only wished we could have spent more
    time with our Bulgarian friends, but the next morning we had to be
    across the border once more, into Macedonia.

    After a TV interview in Skopje we were treated to a full spread
    breakfast at a little hotel owned by a disciple. It was a beautiful
    place with a touch of old England in the decor, very comforting and
    perfect after a 4am start! The concert that night was in a proper
    concert hall and Eshana, our pianist, was over the moon to find she'd
    be playing a Steinway. Talk about being spoiled on our last concert!
    The hall held 500 and demand for seats had been so great that we were
    asked to give two concerts, one at 8 am and one at 10 pm. It was a
    great finish to the tour. The hall was amazing to sing in and the
    audience was full for the first concert and fairly full for the
    second. Come midnight we could barely stand but were very happy; to
    sing Guru's songs is rewarding in itself but to sing your heart out
    and share the music with an audience brings something extra alive in
    the songs. I left the hall that night so grateful for the experiences
    we'd had over the week. Each concert had been different, rewarding in
    unique ways. We had been in the countries we love so much, and we'd
    experienced the great hearts of Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria once

    All our thanks go to the disciples who organised the concerts, and
    Maja the great who co-ordinated everything, saving us quite a few

    By: Shankara Smith. Inspiration Sun Edition 2


    There is a recording of Temple Song Hearts at the Real Player archive at Radio Sri Chinmoy:



  • The day after the meditation classes (and after a frenetic late night
    session taking down all our meditation posters) the weekend saw us all
    heading up to Bonny Scotland to join the English, Scottish, Welsh and
    French members of our medi- tation family. Sri Chinmoy always encour-
    aged us to get together for weekends of meditation and fun, and now
    that he is no longer physically here with us, we are very grateful to
    keep that spirit of joy and oneness which we all felt when we were
    around our teacher.

    The weather was absolutely dreadful when we arrived in Edinburgh – at
    times the rain seemed like someome was pouring a basin full of water
    on top of us – and we were more than a little worried that it would
    persist right into Sunday. The Scottish - who were working so hard to
    make the weekend a success - drove us up to the beautiful village of
    West Linton at the foot of the Pentland hills.

    Thanks to the sterling efforts of Elizabeth, ably assisted by our own
    Paula who had flown in a couple of days early, we had the most
    gorgeous food throughout the weekend- the highlight of which was
    vegetarian haggis, neeps and tatties for dinner, and for which we all
    went for seconds, and sometimes thirds depend- ing on who you were.
    Evening meditation was very nice - a long silent meditation punctuated
    by chants from the ancient Indian Vedas put to music by Sri Chinmoy.
    After that we were treated to the heavenly voice of Adarsha from
    Glasgow (who incidentally will be coming to Dublin to treat us to his
    music in May), and then the Irish Centre put our recent concert
    experience to good use by performing a couple of songs.

    Then we had a couple of extremely entertaining plays - one was a
    re-telling of a favourite story of the 19th century spiritual Master
    Sri Ramakrishna, about a thief who pretends to be a monk in order to
    marry a king's daughter and get all the accompanying wealth – except
    the 'thief' in this case happened to be two Scousers from Liverpool
    called Terry and Barry, ably played by Steve and Amit. Afterwards came
    another short sketch, which Devashishu wrote on the plane over
    featuring Shane, Colm, Adarsha and Balavan.

    The next day we had meditation at 6am, before heading for our Sunday
    Morning 2 mile race on a very scenic and not too hilly course – about
    half way through the race the path broke out of the forest and into
    open mountain country, complete with a very nice rainbow. Adelino from
    Paris came first, very quickly followed by our own Colm. Despite our
    fears, the weather was absolutely perfect the whole day. After
    breakfast we embarked on a hill walk - over 50 of us tramping up and
    down the mountain and eventually ending up in the scenic village of
    West Linton.

    The scenery was absolutely beautiful, but even better than the scenery
    was the sight of looking down the mountain and seeing all of us from
    many different countries making our way up the mountain together. Over
    the years, Sri Chinmoy's meditation path has brought together so many
    people of different backgrounds and personalities ¬creative types and
    rambunctious athletes, introverts and extroverts, humorous wags and
    wise heads - all connected by a common love of spirituality and

    After great lunch we had afternoon meditation with performances by
    the British singing group Ananda. Some of us had to leave at this
    stage, but others managed to make it down to Edinburg to visit the Sri
    Chinmoy Centre and have a very nice evening meditation. It was a great
    end to a great weekend - next time will be in London in May when the
    World Harmony Run will be visiting and renowned Russian musician
    Purushottama Boris Grebenshikov plays the Royal Albert Hall supported
    by musicians from the Sri Chinmoy Centre. Can't wait...

    By: Irish Saints, Inspiration Sun Edition 2

    * One suspects the Irish saints may include brothers Shane and Colm.

  • by Jayashri

    In April of 1964 our beloved Guru journeyed to America to offer His
    Light, His Love and His Realization to the crying heart of humanity.
    One of the ways that Guru offered his realization to the world is
    through his sublime plays. For the last three years I have been
    fortunate enough to be part of Dipika's "Immortality's Flame-Waves"
    that produced "Siddhartha Becomes the Buddha."

    Last summer we took the play to Switzerland and it proved to be a very
    profound experience. In April last year Guru gave Dipika some footage
    He had filmed in Thailand of Buddhist monks giving their blessings to
    devoted seekers early in morning. As Guru filmed from the car He
    chanted the timeless Buddhist mantra. In a stroke of creative genius,
    Dipika used Guru's profound invocation of the Lord Buddha, at the
    outset of each performance.

    Each night, as the hush of anticipation pierced the air, I stood in
    the wings listening to Guru's powerful and ethereal voice fill the
    auditorium with Lord Buddha's message light. Each night Guru seemed to
    sing inside my heart. My character waited impatiently to fell a small
    bird that Siddhartha would lovingly save time and again. As Devadatta
    I had to embody a treachery that only jealousy born of blood and lust
    for power can breed. Stymied by the longevity of the Lord Buddha,
    Devadatta decides to repent and he finds the sweetness and
    transforming grace of forgiveness at the feet of his Master. Even as
    an actor playing a part I craved the cathartic experience of
    forgiveness each night that I received from the Lord Buddha. Guru
    became fully embodied in the Lord Buddha for me during this play. I
    felt that when I asked forgiveness of Lord Buddha it was Guru who
    listened and gave me consolation.

    The death scene of The Lord Buddha became devastating to me in ways
    that it had never been before. I felt an inner command – and I am not
    overly prone to these – to meditate as soulfully and powerfully as I
    could during this scene. It never for a second occurred to me that one
    day our Guru would also enter Mahasamadi. And yet I was moved to tears
    every performance last summer and Guru's presence was so deeply and
    powerfully at work. The Buddha play really saved me last summer. I
    had been lost in a bone-dry desert, and the play became a lush
    spiritual oasis. To once again feel breathless and sweet, to be
    stripped down to the soul's God-hunger; to be at last, cradled inside
    the very heart and silence of God. Who but our Guru could make the
    waves of longing for the Highest so sweet, divine and pure? Such
    sublime and exquisite moments our Guru ceaselessly and selflessly
    offered. I will be forever grateful for this experience.

    by Jayashri

    From: Inspiration Sun Edition 2

    Siddhartha Becomes The Buddha at Sri Chinmoy Library

    Writings on the Buddha by Sri Chinmoy

  • The Lighter side of life

    with Homagni and Noivedya

    Ketan: I've Found The Secret to Good Health

    In a recent press conference Ketan Goldman, manager of "The Panorama
    of My Silence-Heart Cafe," announced that he has discovered the secret
    to longevity, "It's all about the correct balance between, coffee, tea
    and fake meat. When customers come in, I can tell that they are
    lacking basic caffeine levels in their blood and some essential
    minerals that only mock beef and mock ham can provide." Although Ketan
    admits to not having any background in nutritional medicine he
    defends his discovery based on his "inner feeling." When we asked
    Chayanika, a NY local, why she chooses not to dine there she stated,
    "I want to get out of this place called earth as soon as possible. Who
    wants to live longer?" But after some pondering about the other place
    she might be headed, she decided to rethink her life strategy and was
    later spotted in the café enjoying a Mock Chicken Caesar Salad.

    Australia Breaks The Drought

    With Australia still suffering from the worst drought in its history,
    members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre believe that they have found a great
    way to save the continent from becoming one huge desert. "The idea
    came to us when we recently held a 10km running race in the heart of
    Sydney," said Aryavan. "We hadn't had any rain for months, but the
    minute we opened registration, suddenly it came pouring down!
    Realising that this happens every time they hold a race, Prachar has
    decided to organise more races in order to solve the drought
    situation. "It will take a lot of work," said Prachar, on the phone
    from Spain, "but as long as people are willing to do it, that's great!
    I just wish I could be there." He couldn't speak any longer,
    unfortunately, because he had to leave for his flight to Dubai.

    Of course, Australia's major event for 2008 is the World Harmony Run,
    which goes around the entire continent. "If this doesn't break the
    drought, nothing will!" said Prachar, on the line from Bangkok. "We'll
    be travelling through large expanses of desert. These haven't seen
    rain for hundreds of years... but we think we can do it!" It would be
    good to find a way to finish this article, but nothing comes to mind.
    Sorry about that.

    Viscardi the Wise – Answers to Life's Greatest Mysteries

    Dear Viscardi the Wise,

    I have recently started the Lemon Diet, but I'm not finding it very
    easy. A diet of lemon juice and national tree syrup for 10 days
    sounded fine, but I didn't realise that I had to go without food at
    the same time! Do you have any advice on how to make it more bearable?

    Viscardi the Wise:

    Yes, you must strictly avoid other foods while on the Lemon Diet.
    Fortunately, prasad is not truly food, but offerings from the Supreme.
    Taken soulfully, this should have none of the calories or other side
    effects that you get from food. If you miss food while on the Lemon
    Diet, why not take prasad each time you meditate. Just a piece of
    fruit should be enough, or a large pasta dish if you prefer. If you
    meditate five times a day, you should find that you are having plenty
    of food. So you should try this diet each time you go on the Lemon
    Diet. Not only does it make dieting more bearable, but you will be
    more inspired to meditate.

    Ashrita: Urban Samurai or Backyard Nerd ?

    Ashrita Furman, known to millions as Mr. Versatility and the face of
    Guinness, has been seen playing with samurai swords at his home in
    Queens, NY. Although he admits to being a nerd as a kid, he says this
    record of slicing the most number of apples with a sword in a minute
    is no joke. " It's difficult and let's face it, who doesn't like
    playing samurai every once in a while".

    (picture to come)

    From: Inspiration Sun Edition 2