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"When the power of love
Replaces the love of power,

Man will have a new name:

- Sri Chinmoy


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A poem I wrote

What did you give me? A Peaceful death. What did I receive? A tranquil birth. My Lord Supreme I have yet far to travel. Will you not bless me With an aspiring body A smiling vital a be
I remember seeing, with Sukhendu and Narayani, a video of Don Pablo Casals himself playing the Cello Suite No.
Thank you for pointing out that book! Priyadarshan
Hello fellow Bach lovers.
I know you and your sister only by face but thank you for the short comment. I am learning from Guru over and over again that praying is a most effective way to have God's Will be done.

More on Gratitude- Perseverance, Bliss, Newness

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, here are a few selections from Sri Chinmoy's writings on gratitude, bliss and perseverance... Question: What is the best way to deal with dry periods in one'

Meta Inspiration

(Abanna is posting on behalf of Brian from Seattle Centre.) A week ago, I found myself laying tulips at the feet of the Sri Chinmoy statue in Seattle, Washington.
I like what Tejvan and Priyadarshan said about Bach. I referenced a striking instrumental piece of his, the second violin Partita in D-minor.
It's beautiful!
Mahiruha and Priyadarshan and for for all other Bach fans and scholars, I would like to recommend the book The Cello Suites by Eric Siblin which I recently read. http://www.ericsiblin.com/pages/


Hi! i am searching for the music of Rupali, "the forest of my heart". I have very dear memorys to this music.
I echo Mahiruha's sentiment. Thanks, Sharani. Kamalakanta

OT: Changes

There are so many outer changes going on on planet Earth that my heart goes out to all the brave people involved. May it reaches them in my small way. Prayerfully Doris
Thank you for this, Sharani. A real great gift for those of us who couldn't make it. Your writing really evokes the magic and sacredness of this place. Sincerely, Mahiruha

Christmas Trip Moments 2010-2011

Another Christmas Trip has finished and this year found us traveling to lands traversed in previous years when Guru was still on earth - Pangkor Island, Singapore, Nepal, Bali.

More on Cheerfulness and Gratitude

Hi! I just found this question and answer that sheds some more light on cheerfulness and gratitude. Question: How can we come out of a depressed state? Sri Chinmoy: "If you know that you ha
Hi, Hareen! Thanks for reminding us of the importance of happiness! Indeed, this is all God wants from us: that we be happy, truly happy. I found the correct link to the poem you posted.


"When a pickpocket sees a saint, all he sees are his pockets." --Anonymous God is everywhere, but do we see Him? I went today to a tree that Sri Chinmoy visited and where he meditated.
Kamalakanta, I guess we all have that deep aspiration of offering to our Master as much gratitude as possible for what we are getting from him. A flower just gives its best -its beauty, purity and

Glimpses Of The Eternal Friend - A New Book

I just wanted to mention that there is another new book on the "market".