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"When the power of love
Replaces the love of power,

Man will have a new name:

- Sri Chinmoy


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Tejvan, Great story. Thanks for the enlightened view and great poems by Guru. I think, or rather I feel,his earlier poems created powerful images for the mind to meditate on, so as not to think.
Yesterday I awoke and quietly cried in bed before I arose as I lay wondering how many Christchurch disciples might have lost precious and beloved items amongst their belongings which are related to

To Think or Not To Think

Recently, we were giving a meditation class at a central location in Oxford.
I also have been moved to tears by the outpouring of oneness in response to the Christchurch earthquake, both in Japan and around the world.
All our hearts and souls are, if it is possible, ever more deeply joined with yours as we try to comprehend what you must be going through, together with the broader community, in this physical deva
Thank you Jogyata for those illumining words and sentiments which put everything into their proper perspective for us.


At 12:51pm on Feb.
We too had a love offering in the center yesterday and people were very generous. The money has already been transferred to New Zealand. Doris
Here in New York we had a special love offering for the Christchurch Centre at our Wednesday night function. I am sure many other countries around the world are doing the same.

New Zealand and Japan

A photo of a Japanese team preparing to be airlifted to New Zealand to do what they can, brought gratitude tears for the oneness hearts of two countries. My heart's sympathy with all those who have

News from Christchurch

News from Toshala: luckily the Grace was with the Christchurch disciples and they are alive and unhurt.


I was very relieved and grateful to read on the website of the Lotus-Heart-Cafe: "We are happy to report that all staff and diners at both our cafe and the restaurant were able to safely leave both

OT: Christchurch New Zealand Earthquake

Hello everyone, It appears that the latest earthquake in New Zealand has extensively damaged the area where the Sri Chinmoy Centre in New Zealand has a divine enterprise restaurant as well as a cafe

Love the Battlefield

(Abanna is posting this on behalf of Daulot) I was reading during a ferry ride to Seattle from Victoria Joy Days and came across this aphorism by Sri Chinmoy: Love the battlefield of life, For

Christchurch Shaken

Everyone has probably heard by now that there was a massive earthquake yesterday lunchtime in Christchurch, New Zealand.
If anyone is interested in video of Pablo Casals, the film 'A Cry for Peace' is a beautiful thing.
Everything Arpan said is absolutely true :) It was an amazing function! This morning we also celebrated 4 birthdays at Oneness-Heart Centre.

Japanese Scale Bhajans

I can't resist to mention how very beautiful the Japanese Scale Bhajans are, composed by Sri Chinmoy, we sang yesterday in our center. I had not heard of them before.

Running With The Master

After I had become a disciple of Sri Chinmoy I had a longing to see the person that attracted my attention because of his heart-warming messages spread through his writings, songs and students of hi

Saturday Night Live in N.Y., February 19, 2011

It certainly was an exciting function this evening in New York at Aspiration-Ground.