Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher who dedicated his life to inspiring and serving humanity with his soulful offerings - his prayers and meditations, his literary, musical and artistic works, and his grassroots cultural and athletic programmes. We the students and friends of Sri Chinmoy are sharing news, information, opinion, poetry, music, humor and more. Here you will find a beautiful tapestry woven by spiritual seekers from around the world, who are sharing what Sri Chinmoy means in their daily lives. We warmly invite all well-wishers to join and post.

"When the power of love
Replaces the love of power,

Man will have a new name:

- Sri Chinmoy


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Remain Happy

Hi! Today I am inspired by the phrase "Remain Happy". So here are a few quotes (unofficial) by Sri Chinmoy with this wonderful phrase: "Be happy and remain happy.
Thank you for your sincere reply and personally touching comments for Deeldar.I am sure many more people feel the way we do and cannot express it as well as you did. Enough cannot be said about him

The Heart is Beautiful

Dear friends, here is another poem by Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy lived always in his heart of love, love for God and for humanity. The Heart Is Beautiful "The heart is beautiful Because it br

Day 4: Adventures in Consciousness

We had a successful event recently at the Anna Silver Auditorium, in PS 20.
Bless you, Arpan, and gratitude for this post. I came to this site this morning with the explicit hope you might have posted news about the tribute for Deeldar in New York last night.

With Equal Cheerfulnesss

Dear friends, Today I am inspired by this poem by Sri Chinmoy: "My joy shall know no bounds If God shows me His Compassion-Eye At this very moment. But if He wants to show me His Compassi

Tribute Function for Deeldar

Tribute Function in N.Y.

Each Moment

Dear friends, Many years ago I was inspired by this talk by Sri Chinmoy...it was published in a "Sri Chinmoy Family" magazine...I had been wanting to see it again, and the wish was granted on a rec
Hell Grega, best wishes and good luck with your future. A poem of inspiration from the master. Never allow anyone to clip the silver wings of your Golden dreams - Sri Chinmoy Rajpal, Auc

Have faith in God's plan :) a story

Once there was a sweeper in a well known temple and he was very sincere and devoted. Every time he saw thousands of devotees coming to take darshan of the Lord, he thought that the Lord is standi

Chico Marathon Anniversary Record Participation in New York

On Saturday morning, March 5, in Jamaica, Queens, New York we celebrated Guru's first Marathon (Chico, California, March 4, 1979). About 50 participants showed up throughout the morning.

Re: the spiritual heart

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How lovely. What a good idea for the heart season. My favourite from that great little book "My Heart Temple" - p.

we are all connected

Hi, everybody! Yesterday I was on maha harinam in Venice with my local group and I just want to share a realisation I had with You all. Sometimes I could not live the message Sri Chinmoy has offered
Hi Vasko, A belated reply indeed... I was in a similar situation...watching daily news about the uprising in the arab worlds, today I remembered I recently had a dream about a unicorn which I th

the spiritual heart

As February is the month of Valentines day and we are inundated with all things celebrating the romantic heart, I decided to take February as a month to celebrate the spiritual heart. Every morning

OT A new twist on art

I came across this interesting video from the Big Cat Rescue. In order to raise money for the Big Cat Rescue Organization, the people who run the facility thought that they would give the big cat

Happy Chico Marathon Anniversary

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March 3, Chico Marathon Anniversary

On March 3, 1979 in a small community outside San Francisco, California, USA, Sri Chinmoy attempted and completed his first official Marathon running race of 26.2 miles, or 42 Km, in 4:31:34.

The Dream Of Dreams

The Dream Of Dreams It is in the detail That reveals the truth- They say!