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"When the power of love
Replaces the love of power,

Man will have a new name:

- Sri Chinmoy


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Hi, Grega! The following is what is considered our Thanksgiving Message by Sri Chinmoy: My dear Supreme, my sweet Supreme, My Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, My Absolute Master Supreme,
Hello Mahiruha, It sounds all familiar to me but I can't find the tape I have in mind. If you would name a few titles I may be able to look up several songbooks. Doris

Cheerfulness will protect us - 2 Aphorisms

Remain cheerful, For nothing destructive can pierce through The adamantine wall of cheerfulness. Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, #3891 Part 39 by Sri Chinmoy When they see your

Serving and Cheerfulness

Hi Friends, This aphorism is inspiring me to manifest a cheerful life. -Abanna The Glowing Desire To Be Cheerful If you have The burning desire to serve, Then first become The glowing desir

in search for a thanksgiving message by Sri Chinmoy

If somebody would be so kind and publish here the message so I would put it next to my bed and say it when I wake up - it would help me ;) :) Thanks in advance, Always, Grega from Slovenia
883 Who Is God?... WHO IS GOD? Who is God? You asked me The same question before. I shall give you the answer Lovingly and cheerfully again. Who is God? God is the son Of yo
Thanks to all for their inspiring articles about forgiveness. One of my favorite books of Guru's is Forgiveness.

Announcing Inspiration-Letters: 22nd edition

Dear Friends, Jaitra and I are extremely happy to announce the publication of the twenty-second instalment of Inspiration-Letters, on Forgiveness: http://www.srichinmoycentre.org/inspirati

How can we come out of a depressed state? Cheerfulness is the antidote.

Following is a post about using cheerfulness as an antidote to depression. -Abanna Question: How can we come out of a depressed state? Sri Chinmoy: If you know that you have taken poison, you
Hi Kamalakanta, Thank you for the writings on cheerfulness and progress. Isn't it wonderful and amazing we can make spiritual progress "simply" by being cheerful and happy!

When tragedy strikes

I just read Sharani's blog http://www.sharani.org/ about the recent happenings in Japan, and I was inspired. Her goal of going deeper, and trying to meditate and pray 7 times a day is a commendable

Is there a spiritual reason why earth suffers from disasters? (1976)

I am inspired to share this question-and-answer from 1976 that I found at the Sri Chinmoy Library site.
Hi, Abanna, Doris and Purnakama! You made me think a little....about the relationship between cheerfulness and progress.
Hi Purnakama and Kamalakanta, These posts remind me of a quote I read by Lynne Cox (ultra swimmer; author of "Grayson" and "Swimming to Antarctica.") The gist of it is: Sometimes it makes no se

Song-book request: "Ancient Hearts for Modern Minds"

Dear Friends, I acquired this rather old tape recently. It features Guru singing his original songs in Bengali. He prefaces each song by reciting a poetic English translation.
Hallo Purnakama, For some of us change seems to be something that is easily done. For many it might be a difficult thing to do.
Thank you, Mahatapa, it is exactly these of Guru's words that I am trying to keep in mind over and over again to remain hopeful for positive solutions in the NEAR future not only with regards to en

Sri Chinmoy's response to the Tsunami in 2004

I found this beautiful Q & A from an article that came out in an THE article in BEIJING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY REPORT on Jan 19, 2005.
Hi Kamalakanta, I got immediate joy from your post! Yes, remaining happy is the key.

more from the photo site

Hi all, I am inspired by every single photo that appears on the photo site, but the photo that appeared on March 14th is especially endearing. http://srichinmoyphoto.com/ It is of Guru pl