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"When the power of love
Replaces the love of power,

Man will have a new name:

- Sri Chinmoy


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Colors Of Madal Bal

I happen to live right above a Madal Bal store and right below our meditation centre. If I use my mind I will say there are many useless things available in the store and I better go up and meditat

We Do Not Have To Become A Saint

We do not have to become a saint To do God's Will. We can fulfil God's Will With our present life Of teeming weaknesses And imperfections. Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Tree

You Are My Only Friend- Medley

Dear friends, brothers and sisters all, Missing Sri Chinmoy's presence, one of the ways in which I meditate is by singing his melodies.

Early Spring Flowers Planted By Mother Nature

I cannot imagine a world without flowers. When I look at flowers I can forget the rest of the world enjoying their beauty, perfection and fragrance.
Hi, I try to shed some light on the subject. First of all minimal shoes and ChiRunning perfectly go together! I have been running since last summer in my Nike Frees and Saucony Kinvara which
Hi! Here are the translations for the songs used in this arrangement, and the links to the scores in srichinmoysongs.com. The first song, Shikkha Guru Dikkha Guru, is a little bit hidden in the
Hi, Doris! Without listeners, music has no meaning!

Re: New Life

>It is sweet, soothing and peaceful. -Kamalakanta This is what the arrangement, indeed, is. It is heart-melting and of soulful depth.
Thank you for the advice and the story of how you got involved in Chi Running.

ChiRunning and Ultras

Hi, Arpan asked me to tell a little about ChiRunning here. Many people might have heard about ChiRunning, but in my experience there are various degress of understanding it. when I fist heard
Very inspiring presentation, Purna-Samarpan. Glad to see you are planning to run the 3100 again this year. I am sure you will transcend yourself once again. How is the Chi running course going?

Presentation about the 3100 Mile Race at Sports Department University of Coimbra

Hi, I just wanted to share the good news, that I was invited to give a Presentation about the 3100 Mile Race at the University of Coimbra Sport Department. The Presentation was very well receiv

OT - A Cosmic Experience with Chester Carlson

I was sorting through a big pile of cancelled US commemorative stamps I'd purchased for a preschool project.
my favorite is the one that is labeled "this could be an album cover" ...and I agree. I think the music of this album would be a kind of philosophical hip hop on a avant-garde jazz back beat.

2 new items on Radio Sri Chinmoy

Hi! We have 2 new items on Radio Si Chinmoy: 1) Sri Chinmoy Plays the Chimes, Vol.1 2) "Destined" CD, by Kamalakanta (moi). I hope you all enjoy them at: http://www.radiosrichinmoy.org/

Karmic Candy

A couple of days ago, Kodanda's father passed away. Before Kodanda left for the airport, Kanan came into Guru Health Foods and bought a box of licorice for about $4.

Struggle Between The Heart And The Mind

In 1999 Guru visited South Africa and answered questions in a press conference.
Thank you for the photos, Antara-Prabhat. What an inspiring event! A picture really is worth a thousand words.
Awesome and inspiring! Thanks for these! Purnakama

Photos from the class series

Hi, I just uploaded some shots from the March Meditation workshop in NY! Please feel free to check them out. http://gallery.srichinmoycentre.org/members/antara-prabhat/workshop/