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"When the power of love
Replaces the love of power,

Man will have a new name:

- Sri Chinmoy


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Hi Antara-Prabhat, Thanks for sharing the link - if you want these could live in the U.S. section of the photo galleries - just let me know if you would like them to reside in that "neighborhood".
Thanks for sharing these lovely nature photos from your walk on Good Friday. I also enjoyed when you shared the early Spring Flowers recently.

April 24 Meditations: Food for the Soul

God has created only one impossibility in His entire creation, and that impossibility is that one cannot hate mankind if one really loves God Sri Chinmoy, Meditations: Food For The Soul, Agni Press


Does resurrection come when perfection in body and mind is attained? Ahana (Mrs. Blanca Bueso) San Juan, Puerto Rico July 5, 1967 Sri Chinmoy: Man's perfection in the body and mind?

Good Friday

It was a quiet morning as shops were closed and the usual hustle and bustle failed to appear. A glance out of the window replaces almost any morning meditation.

April 23, Meditations: Food for the Soul

The name of Truth is Consciousness. The name of Consciousness is Reality. Reality's name is God. God's inner name is Love.

April 22 Meditations: Food fo the Soul

God will change my past if I am not afraid of my future, the future that tells me that I can be as great as God and as perfect as God. - Sri Chinmoy, Meditations: Food for the Soul 1970 http://

6 & 10 Day Race photos

Hello! I'll be taking pictures every day until the end of the two races. They will be posted on my gallery, here: http://gallery.srichinmoycentre.org/members/antara-prabhat/6-10-day-race

April 20 - Meditations: Food for the Soul

"The cosmic Vision has an existence called the Absolute Reality. Reality has a house known as Consciousness. Consciousness owns two palaces: Power and Silence.

Meditations: Food for the Soul, April 19

Do not be afraid of your thoughts. Use them.
Ah! There are no accidents. There are many beautiful synchronicities in the symphony of life!
I am glad you liked the Buddhas, Shivaram! The declining Buddha is around 50 cm and the others are of similar size.
Dear Sarala, I don't know what made you quote Guru on faith but for me it came at a time when I had a volley of life-questions.

Meditations: Food for the Soul April 18

Who says that you are wanting in faith? When you aspire, you have faith in God. When you desire, you have faith in yourself.

Spiritual Growth

An aspirant's spiritual growth is gained silently in love. His growth is nurtured secretly in devotion.
They were cute - colourful beautiful - How big are the statues starting with the reclining Buddha #138/ - shivaram

Happy Celebrations!

Happy Celebrations, to those in New York and Centres around the world! Beverly
Tejvan, that helped and enlightened me a lot! Thanks! Grega from Slovenia
Tejvan, this aphorism is like a pool of cool water in the desert. Thank you for finding it and posting it. Purnakama