Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher who dedicated his life to inspiring and serving humanity with his soulful offerings - his prayers and meditations, his literary, musical and artistic works, and his grassroots cultural and athletic programmes. We the students and friends of Sri Chinmoy are sharing news, information, opinion, poetry, music, humor and more. Here you will find a beautiful tapestry woven by spiritual seekers from around the world, who are sharing what Sri Chinmoy means in their daily lives. We warmly invite all well-wishers to join and post.

"When the power of love
Replaces the love of power,

Man will have a new name:

- Sri Chinmoy


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Recent messages:

I was moved by your story, Pradhan. It reminded me of a problem I have in my spiritual life, which is that I want to run away from the Light at exactly the times when I should be running toward the Light. Also, I realize that sometimes I have faith in God as a Divine being, but not as a human being. It's like I want to keep God at a distance so that I do not really have to listen to him. Or I am afraid that if God is a human being, then maybe he will hurt me or abandon me.

my Real Self

"Today is a good day for my Real Self to come to the fore." This is the kind of aphorism I really love. It was composed by Sri Chinmoy on 20 Dec in Christchurch, NZ. All that day it echoed: "Today is a good day for my Real Self to come to the fore." Soulful regards, Jagrata

Many fields

I'm just wondering if there has been anyone in history to accomplish so much in so many fields. We hear about Leonardo Da Vinci being an artist as well as a scientist, however you rarely hear of someone excelling in multiple fields. Sri Chinmoy has written a large wall of books, painted many galleries of paintings, composed more individual songs than some famous musicians can play in their lifetimes, and the list goes on. >From weightlifting unbelievable weights to writing poetry that surpasses the volumes of the epics put together.

Divine Hero... turmoil and tranquillity

Every once and a while, I read something that gives me a nice jolt and opens doors. Here is a short passage from The Divine Hero: The Mind: Turmoil Surface, Tranquility Depths The mind has, up until now, been humanity's greatest achievement. With its help, science and our physical world have progressed to an enormous extent. However, the reasoning mind is really an obstacle for the spiritual aspirant.

Music you want to hear

Sri Chinmoy offered a significant concert for nearly 800 people in New Zealand's Christchurch Cathedral(the main cathedral in Christchurch). This cathedral is the central spot for visitors and residents alike. Regardless of religion, the cathedral is a welcoming focal point which sees seekers, shoppers, travelers, businessmen, street musicians, lively teenagers, lunchtime office folk and just about everyone pass by or stay near its spire for a few minutes. To me it represents tolerance and the open arms you find in Christchurch.
Thanks Pradhan, I love this story. Waiting for the book!

Sri Chinmoy Advocates World Harmony

Congratulations on starting this group! I am proud to call myself a friend of Sri Chinmoy Centre. I'm glad I will be able to keep up with what you all are doing by checking here for updates. A very merry holiday season to you all! ~harmonyvision P.S. Here's another article about Sri Chinmoy's New Zealand lifts: Sri Chinmoy Advocates World Harmony "No miracle on earth will help any human being realise God. Miracles the Christ did, but it is not because of his miracles that the world is appreciating and admiring and worshipping him.

A story Sri Chinmoy asked me to tell

Greetings from New Zealand! When we were in Hamilton, the chat went to parents and how our own spiritual lives impacted our parents. Sri Chinmoy asked me to tell the story of my father. It seemed that so many people commented that they were touched by the story that I decided to post it here. Forgive its length! When my father passed away, it was not completely unexpected. He had already experienced 5 heart attacks and 2 bouts of congestive heart failure.
Greetings, Prabhakar! Thank you so much for both of your extremely inspiring postings about Sri Chinmoy's lifting 1000 lambs and 100 cows! I was also extremely inspired by your own enthusiasm in being part of the lifting, specially how you helped the cows up to be lifted and what it was like to have one almost step on your foot! I also had tremendous joy helping with the lambs, lifting them up once they had been lifted by Sri Chinmoy.

Everest inspiration

This lady is very impressive, and Sri Chinmoy lifted her. She was the first woman to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen, and she climbed during a period when others died in the attempt. Lydia Bradey (New Zealand)--a brave soul--was honoured by Sri Chinmoy in his programme "Lifting up the World with a Oneness-Heart". Lydia summited in 1988, and since then has kept up her quest of the high and beautiful. She established a firm that specialises in taking people to spiritual places in the wilderness.

Cows and Gyms

Recently it hit me as we were watching Sri Chinmoy lift cows what a feat it is. I was in a gym this morning standing next to a calf-raise machine, noticing the weights were about 10lbs each and there was a stack of about 20 weights all totaling about 200lbs.

Holy 100 cows !!!

I thought the lamb lifting was incredible, 1000 lambs hoisted overhead, but the cows!!!! It is hard to imagine the difficulty of something that you do not do yourself, and it is easy to think that something is easy because it may look that way, but having played a small role in manouvering the cows into position on the platform gave me a very very distinct impression of their weight! When a cow decides to move there is really nothing you can do but get clear out of the way!

Lamb Lifting in New Zealand

When Sri Chinmoy lifted a thousand lambs in New Zealand over the last few weeks it was a rare priveledge to be involved in what i feel is a unique expression of dynamic oneness. It was amazing to be lifting the cages full of lambs up to the platform while someone else posted the number of lifts and someone then posted the weights while others picked up the lambs from the pens and then placed them gently into the lifting cages, meanwhile others were singing and still others were weighing in the lambs and then more were wiping off the bottom of the cages!!!!!

New Inspiration

Taupo is extremely, extremely beautiful. I have just finished my morning meditation and am feeling very grateful to be here with Sri Chinmoy and so many aspiring friends from all over the world. Sri Chinmoy is soon to complete lifting 100 cows and, of course, he has already completed lifting 1000 lambs. After lifting the lambs, he said, "The Saviour Christ had a very special affection, love and fondness for the lambs...As soon as we say lamb, all our divine qualities come forward: innocence, softness, tenderness and mildness.

the unseen Hand

Greetings, Recently, a book called "The Divine Hero" by Sri Chinmoy was published. I read a very nice section "Guided by the Unseen Hand." It expresses that one becomes very secure in life when we are aware of our Source. The section ends with this poem: "Though I do not know Where this next step leads, I do know An unseen Hand Will guide me blessingfully To my destination." Regards, Jagrata

thank you for the news

I can't tell you how nice it is to read the messages about Sri Chinmoy from the eyewitnesses down in New Zealand. I see that he is inspiring people in the same humble but joyful way that he pursues anywhere in the world. I hope that the internet will become a more rewarding place by having news about his lifting and other activities posted. I understand that Sri Chinmoy has now lifted 1000 lambs. That is an achievement, both as a very large weight to have borne aloft, but also in the unique choice of animals.

Hi to everybody! This is

Hi to everybody! This is priyadarshan writing. I am not a good writer, especially in English, so I would like to share with you over the following months writings by Sri Chinmoy that inspired me tremendously, and helped me so much. The folowing talk, by Sri Chinmoy, is about Concentration. Gratitude ---------------------------------------------- Dear seekers, I wish to give a short talk on concentration. In the spiritual life concentration is of paramount importance.

New aphorisms in New Zealand

Sri Chinmoy gave the following aphorism to his students currently staying in New Zealand. God is God's highest hope For every sincere seeker.
Thank you for starting this group and for the wonderful article! I was at 5 of the 6 lifting programmes and they were extremely, extremely inspiring! The lambs are incredibly sweet and mild. Sri Chinmoy offered a silent meditation for a long time before lifting each group of lambs. Sri Chinmoy's love and concern for the lambs, plus his gratitude to the lambs and for the positive qualities they offer to humanity, I could feel very, very strongly.

Sri Chinmoy's Lamb Lifting Inspiration

We are now in Taupo, New Zealand with over 200 students of Sri Chinmoy from all over the world. As his special offering to New Zealand, Sri Chinmoy completed lifting 1000 lambs yesterday. This article from New Zealand's The Daily Post appeared today on the front page: Uplifting performance By Laurilee McMichael in Taupo The seated man in the yellow jersey closes his eyes in concentration and places his gloved hands on the handles beside him. He is quiet, focussed. Above him, the lambs peer out of the crates uncertainly.