Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher who dedicated his life to inspiring and serving humanity with his soulful offerings - his prayers and meditations, his literary, musical and artistic works, and his grassroots cultural and athletic programmes. We the students and friends of Sri Chinmoy are sharing news, information, opinion, poetry, music, humor and more. Here you will find a beautiful tapestry woven by spiritual seekers from around the world, who are sharing what Sri Chinmoy means in their daily lives. We warmly invite all well-wishers to join and post.

"When the power of love
Replaces the love of power,

Man will have a new name:

- Sri Chinmoy


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When Guru and Alo visited Switzerland for the first time in 1976 they felt (paraphrasing) this country had "cleanliness and stability", a ground where spirituality would be able to grow... Due t


Some of Sri Chinmoy's most beautiful writings are on humility: My humility does not mean that I want the world to ignore me. That is no humility.

Inspiration-Letters: Light Issue

Dear Friends, This next issue of Inspiration-Letters will be devoted to the theme of Light. I'm hoping to have all submissions by the fifteenth of June.

May 17: Meditations: Food for the Soul

Imagination carries me into the skies to see God. Inspiration carries me to the farthest corner of the globe to see God. Aspiration tells me that it will bring God to me from above.

May 15: Meditations: Food for the Soul - the Mind

Keep your mind centered on God.
I can't resist to reply... For me at least it will most probably always remain a mystery how Guru is able to work in and through us.

Thy Will Be Done - By Ushasi

Ushasi wrote a book in 2004 about her "Christian Journey to Sri Chinmoy" which was published in 2011.

Five Minute Meditation Saves Time

We were getting ready to go to our first meditation class.

The Same Mind


May 12 - Meditations: Food for the Soul

When doubt wants to speak to you, your "No" answer is the real answer. - Sri Chinmoy, Meditations: Food For The Soul, Agni Press, 1970.
My pleasure Kamalakanta. I only recently discovered these daily meditations on the Library page and just love them and am happy to share them every now and then. Sarala

Jiban Sheshe- I know not where I shall go....

Recently I went to play tennis with Databir. We usually go in the morning.
Thank you, Sarala, for sharing these soulful offerings by Sri Chinmoy. Kamalakanta

OT Russian Idioms

During one of our recent August Celebrations, I was put in charge of an evening Prasad detail. The other people in my squad were all from Russia.
Thank you for sharing! :)

12/24 Hour Race In Basel, Switzerland

I can't believe it is only two days I have been away from home. I still feel a little sunburn on my face as there have been summary temperatures over the last weekend again.

May 9 Meditations: Food for the Soul

Divine consciousness is of two types: The "I" Consciousness and the "I AM" Consciousness. The "I" Consciousness reveals the Truth that I am all-pervading.

May 8 Meditations: Food for the Soul

Man is happy because he has acquired the power to destroy the world.

May 7: Meditations: Food for the Soul

Man is not alone. Sorrow plagues his existence. Joy does not leave his soul. Power and weakness like to play hide-and-seek in him.

OT First impressions

If you like classical music, people will probably think you're an intelligent guy or gal. "Wow, Joe likes Paderewski's piano suites- he must be pretty smart!" I'd like to dispute this view.