Family Life Or Two Days Away From Home

More or less happily disorganised a bus headed towards the highway in direction to Heidelberg - another Joyday. Every month renting the Mountain Silence bus the crew is always changing. This time we had two Greek boys on bord, also an Indian boy and his wife from Austria, the rest of us were from Switzerland.

Depending on the crew we are usually reading Guru's books, singing his songs or just keep silent. If you'd turn around you'd propably discover people were sleeping and sometimes I am not an exception...;-)

I didn't dare to take a book with me I have to study for a final examination in holistic nutrition next month and proudly read in Guru's book "Earth Cry Meets Heaven's Smile". And what did I discover? Some were learning Italian while others studied some Enneagram, still others read about angels...

This time we also had fruitful discussions with the Greeks and the Indians about the world situation. We agreed that the Mahabharata battle would be quite alive...and soon we arrived in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg is just a three and a half hour car drive from Switzerland we already got used to going regularly to visit Pujaloy. Yet it was different as we were going to stay in Heidelberg for two nights. We call it a big Joyday, or this time a Pentacost Joyday. It wasn't as big as in past times but still many people arrived from many countries around including international guests from Australia who had been participating in the European part of the World Harmony Run. I would like to mention especially the disciples coming from North Germany, Poland, Italy, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria who always have a very long trip by car. I really bow to them.

The Check-in procedure is always combined with greeting friends saying hello here and there and everywhere. How often you hear the familiar words "how are you" you can't count. Smiling faces ...

Wrong driving directions to the hotel made us drive around for another hour and visit the surroundings but it turned out that the police had not informed the direction maker of a construction. I as a non driver enjoyed the 'detour' but 'my' driver was tired understandably.

Finally we made it back to the function place where the evening program always starts with singing chosen songs. For me the most important thing is the opening silent meditation. After that may come what will...which is of course only positive.

Hundreds of people were hungry and enjoyed the dinner. Imagine colorful saris and white dressed men sitting and standing around inside and outside the hall the wind playing it's game with the different fabriques, almost like in Goose Pond Park in Queens, New York on a sunny day in August or October...

A Dutch girl passed by me saying that she enjoys reading my posts and that I would always be present in the Inspiration Group site. The way she said it I didn't feel bad as she underlined she really liked my posts which encourages me to write this simple, personal report of our latest Joyday and I hope I am able to share a little of the soulful and cheerful events.

One highlight was the live broadcast of the start of the 3100 mile race in Queens, New York. Rupantar was wearing big earphones saying he wouldn't know what was going on (technically) but it seemed to work as he heard a group of hundreds of people in Germany on a Joyday shouting and clapping. Rupantar is always and always kind and simple, somehow he reminds me of Hanuman.

Ananda-Lahari - modesty incarnate and Surasa - joy spreading incarnate said a few words, other runners silently passed by and were focused on something inwardly.

Afterwards Projjwal reminded us of the significance of the marathon to be run in August. I will try to walk a few laps.

I am trying so hard to remember some more program items I could mention but at the moment there is only the memory of the so funny MCs Adesh and his daughter Bandhavi. With charm and humor they introduced the different groups on stage and even performed a tiny sketch about Dr. Kumar themselves.

A play by the Vienna girls comes to mind. They played the nice story about Narada who doubted the existence of Shiva after he appeared to him and was told he would not appear again but prefers to remain invisible. Thank God, the story ends happily. The costumes and props were bright and the actors very talented - a joy to watch, especially the 'appearance of Lord Shiva'.

Slides were shown about The Songs Of The Soul concert in Japan introduced by Projjwal, proclaiming that they all were still alive, and more slides by Dipavajan on the latest World Harmony Run activities in Europe.

There were other slides about the biggest peace chain made of children in Budapest, Hungary, that reached around the whole Hungarian parliament and brought the president to participate in the event. Those who know Gunagriha, the innocent dentist, can imagine his humorous way of conveying personal stories around the event.

I am sure I forgot lot's of performances to mention and I am so sorry for that, but we all carry the essence - joy - still inside us.

Usually the Joyday ends the next day after a short race and some meetings and a final silent meditation. Not so this time. There was another day of joy ahead of us.

I better don't mention the early morning meditations as I am often absend (to my shame). But my best excuse is that of health problems which prevent me of being in the audience early in the morning.

During the day we visited Pujaloy which must have looked like a real pilgrimage if you had been sitting in a helicopter watching the endless stream of cars and people walking up and down the stairs of Pujaloy for a few hours.

Abhinabha led sports games in the afternoon which I had liked to watch but as it is in a big family you cannot have everything: the car was not available and so I enjoyed a walk in the too early ripe cereal fields with another fellow disciple.

Another evening of spiritual activities followed after another yummi evening meal outside the function hall where many used the opportunity to speak to their friends or fellow students sharing news about their spiritual life experiences. The new MCs - Tirtha and her brother Jwalanta - 'tricked' us by organising an evening program in which EACH AND EVERY disciple had to participate in some big or small way.

They had selected plays and songs for ten groups to learn in one hour. Imagine an empty hall but creative preparations in every corner inside and outside the building people could find. Each group had five minutes to perform. It was all so funny!!!

I was lucky to be in a group with experienced girls who have often performed plays on Christmas trips around the world. Soon I was turned into a cool, indifferent doctor that had to declare and announce the death of a King's son. The original title of the play was "The Ambitious Priest". Afterwards some called me jokingly Dr. Doris. It was certainly a very interesting experience.

I am mentioning this only because I participated for the second time in twenty-one years in a play being actually too shy to perform in public but while practising I strongly felt that the different roles people slipped into were connected with some inner reality I am unable to specify...

Trees magically came into existence by boys sitting on the shoulders of others holding big branches and waving them. Prayers were made for rain to come down according to different religious traditions, including a Bollywood style, that were all extremely funny.

All the group performances were so funny but I can't remember them all in detail. A jury would afterwards nominate the winners. They made everyone feel perfect...there were only winners.

So again the next morning some were missing during another morning meditation but as far as I know the morning program is always very soulful. After the silent meditation the 'Little Girl Singers' sing a few songs and the program from the evening before continues.

I personally used the opportunity to spend some time in the hotel accepting a typical German hotel breakfast with a roommate talking about health issues not expecting any spectacular experiences. But our Guru always knows ways to send his love to us in ways we never expect. It's not that I was frustrated or unhappy but I knew and felt what I was missing not being in the function hall that morning.

As we entered the restaurant I heard a music in the background that brought me in a second to a time when I was around 14 or 15 years old. For a moment nothing made sense...this typical German ambiente, the smell of coffee, my tired roommate was still talking and I seemed to be able to listen. But a deeper part of me was transported to childhood places where the heart was strong, where it was crying and yearning for some higher truth in life.

I tried to be fair and told my roommate that my thoughts and feelings were far away triggered by the song and that I was unable to follow the discussion. She was so gracious and polite and remained silent as long as I was listening to a song that has no more meaning in my life but brought my heart so strongly to the fore. At that time I didn't understand any English at all but now I listened carefully and choked back tears as I realised that Guru helped me through this song to better cope with the current outer world situation. He is really the Doer of all good in ways I will never be able to comprehend. He speaks through whoever he chooses and makes us feel it. He knows our sorrows and joys...


"Sweet child in time you'll see the line
The line that is drawn between good and bad.
See the blind man shooting at the world
Bullets flying, taking toll.
If you've been bad, Lord, I bet You have
And You've not been hit by flying lead.
You better close your eyes,
Bow your head and wait for the ricochet.
I want to hear you hear you scream...

"O God, oh no, don't, oh, ain't gonna do it, oh no, no, no, no..."

-Deep Purple

I felt Guru's closeness...his love for everyone, we should always expect. He never forgets anyone, anywhere.