Hi! a few weeks ago I told Vasko to give me the title for my next arrangement. He said "Satisfaction". I then asked him to describe the mood he wanted for it. He said "soulful". Then I asked how long, he said "7 minutes".

So I went home and looked for songs by Sri Chinmoy with the word "satisfaction"...and some musical ideas started coming right away. I found this song...

Diner Sheshe

"At the end of the day alone I stand
On the road looking for You.
Lord, the other day you told me
That You would grant me shelter at a later date.
You left me with a smile.
You did not ignore me.
Lord, wherever I go I beg only for one thing:
-Sri Chinmoy

Then I had a strong feeling that I should include the song "Charan Pheligo", maybe because the meaning of the song implies a great satisfaction, and more....

Charan Pheligo

"I am walking along the road of ecstasy.
My life has grown into
The delight of Cosmic Dance.
I have transformed
Even the meaningless dust of earth
Into the heights of God-Glory.
Behold! Heaven's Beauty and Light
Are no match for my achievements
Sweetly here on earth.
My eternity's companion
Is my Lord's Existence-Delight."
-Sri Chinmoy

Then, another song came to mind....someone gave a lovely prasad with the score for a beautiful song by Sri Chinmoy"

"Madal, Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy, Guru
Is his children's eternal Friend true."
-Sri Chinmoy

And I felt it related to Charan Pheligo, because I feel like a speck of dust that the Master, with his infinite Forgiveness, Compassion and Love has transformed into something more meaningful and beautiful than it was before....

Being that Charan Pheligo is such a special song, I decided to play it first, by itself, so the arrangement runs for 9 minutes, not 7.

And then, to top it all, I was inspired to sing the songs! And, as the arrangement develops, all 3 melodies happen at the same time!

So here is the download link. I hope you enjoy it! I would love to perform this live at one of our group meditations, but it is a bit long. We shall see.....


When you click on the link, please choose "regular download". It is free....

with gratitude, Kamalakanta