hello Doris

I always enjoy your posts and this is particularly significant as I have been enjoying the great experience of unemployment for a while. also one of my favourite jobs of all time was to work with the Housing Team to prepare the accommodation in New York for Celebrations.

I know that Guru spoke of he importance of cleaning on more than one occasion.

At the moment I have some part time Lecturing work and I am painting my bathroom white - around all the tiles that I started to decorate the walls with some years ago but have still to complete.

Regarding the experience of poverty, this is something I think that many of us can feel oneness with. But if you are desperate to get to Celebrations, sometimes a miracle will happen. I do hope so. I look forward to seeing you in August and hope that we may be able to share the same room again. That was such a joy.

All my love to you and to everyone


I am happy for you to have a part-time job. What does it mean, "...at the moment"?

I will contact you off-board for possible August-Celebrations-accomodation-sharing.

Doris :-)