The Fourth of July Weekend in New York | Inspiration Sun

By Palash

The Fourth of July weekend was truly memorable as disciples in the
local area celebrated America's Independence Day with enthusiasm and
joy. Pragati, with lots of help from Bahula and many other self-giving
souls graciously hosted nearly one hundred disciples in her driveway
for a traditional Fourth of July barbeque. The disciples gathered at
Aspiration-Ground for a meditation as we soulfully listened to a
recording of Guru singing "America the Beautiful". We then moved to
the adjacent driveway by Pragati's house where we sang Guru's songs
for America and read out some of Guru's most inspiring writings
regarding our beloved country.

All this soulfulness was followed by an afternoon of feasting and
games including our new favorite: "hot potato"! We were thrilled that
our guest of honor, Gopee, joined us for a veggie hot dog! We all
enjoyed our mini-Joy Day tremendously and managed to finish our last
game just before a big rainstorm! (Thank you, Guru!)

The Fourth of July theme continued into the next day for our Saturday
Night Function. Paree's group performed many songs that Guru wrote
about America. A larger group of girls performed Paree's magical
arrangement that she created for Guru's "The Fourth of July" song that
Guru composed on July 5, 1996. The words are: "The Fourth Of July, The
Fourth Of July, My heart, my life, together fly. No more stark
bondage-night, no more! Arrived at freedom's ecstasy-shore". There
were also two excellent performances of scenes from Guru's play about
America, The Sacred Fire, by Databir's group and by Preeyati and
Palash's group.

The highlight of the weekend was on Sunday when we were deeply blessed
with a walk past by Guru's house and each received a beautiful golden
mango as prasad. The stunning image of Guru that was placed on the
top step to his house was truly alive. We then proceeded to Aspiration
Ground for our Sunday afternoon meditation and offering of incense and
flowers at Guru's Samadhi.

The disciples' collective gratitude was tangible as we shared a
perfect weekend, celebrating Guru's most sacred Fourth of July,
together with him, as one family.

From: Inspiration Sun edition 5