Joining the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

The Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group is our forum for sharing news, inspiration and joy with seekers around the world.

We started out as a Yahoo-based group, and posting still takes place through Yahoo (although we hope to move the posting process to our site in the future). Membership is open to anyone. You can become a group member in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a Yahoo group ID

Open this link in a new tab/window:

When you create a Yahoo ID, we suggest you give only the minimum information required by Yahoo. Also, your password should be hard to guess!!!!

Please use an ID as similar as possible as your real name - it creates a much more friendly feeling in the Group discussions

You will have to give a regular e-mail address as verification: you could use the one that you already have through your ISP. Yahoo will not give your address away.

Step 2: Join the Inspiration Group

To join the Inspiration Group, please click on this link (it will open in a new window):

Then click on the "Join This Group" button. You may be asked to enter your Yahoo ID and password.

To help stay safe online, please set your member preferences so that your email address will not be visible.

1. Check the box where it says "Hide my email and IP address from the group
2. Under "Message Delivery", select "Web only..."

Make sure you save the changes (click on "Save Changes"). Now when you post, your email address will not be visible to the public.

Step 3. Turn Off Invitations

Unfortunately, Yahoo is notorious for group members getting unsolicited emails to join groups they have absolutely no interest in. Here is how to turn off those invitations:

a) First click on this link:
If you are asked to sign in, do so now.

b) Once you have signed in, a page listing your known email
addresses will appear.

c) To the far right of each email address is the word "Edit" in
blue. Click on it.

d) Under "Group Invitations" you will see checkboxes which say:
"Allow group moderators to directly add me to their groups."
"Allow group moderators to invite me to their groups."
By default, both boxes are checked. Uncheck both boxes and click the "Save Changes" button.

e)Repeat steps c) and d) for every email account listed.

Step 4: Read and post online

Once you've set everything up, you can browse the messages online, reply to others' posts, and post your own messages. To post a message, hit the 'Post message' link just below the searchbar on the top right.

If you are inspired to reply to a message, simply click on the "Reply" link you will see below that message. Yahoo allows for persistent user login - the first time you post or reply might get a password check, but if you post once every week or so, you can hit the reply button on this site, and it will take you straight to the reply form on the user group.

Unfortunately, sometimes text formatting is a little funny in Yahoo - read the following posting suggestions...

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your time here!