About the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

 The Sri Chinmoy Inspiration group has been in existence since late 2001. It is a place where the students and well-wishers of the meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy can post reflections on their spiritual journey, share the latest news about the activities of the Sri Chinmoy Centre all over the world, or simply post something they think will inspire the group or bring a smile to someone's face. As of 2007, the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group has almost 1000 members, most of them Sri Chinmoy's students, but we have also had many valuable contributions from members of the public sharing their inspiration.

Anyone can post on the group, provided they first obtain a Yahoo ID. The Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group first began as a Yahoo-based group, and at the moment message posting is still handled via the Yahoo interface. However, in future we also plan to move membership and posting capabilities directly onto this site.

The Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group serves as a valuable window into what it means to be a student of a spiritual Master , and as primary source testimony that a dynamic outer life and a contemplative inner life can indeed go hand in hand. Many of Sri Chinmoy's students have found that they can make spiritual progress by pursuing their individual talents with a meditative approach, and so you will find here posts on all manner of creative and athletic disciplines. Indeed, the first thing that strikes many visitors to the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group is the sheer range of topics being posted on - posts on meditation and spirituality, art and music, all manner of sports, jokes humour and more. This feature of the group rather mirrors Sri Chinmoy's own multi-disciplinary talents, as he sets a personal example for his students with his prolific outputs in the fields of art, poetry, music and athletics.

More recently, some of Sri Chinmoy's students and contributors to the group have set up their own personal websites, and also websites on topics as diverse as running, poetry and breaking Guinness Records! The srichinmoyinspiration.com site offers feeds from all these sites grouped by topic, making the site a very good starting point to find out the latest news.


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