Re: On Gratitude

I love your post Kamalakanta. I thought about it a lot since and it echoes something for me, difficult to describe, sort of being in the two places at the same time - one, the insignificance of my feeble efforts, the other, the majesty and awe of simultaneously being in the vast Consciousness where all is effortless and predestined.

One day I likened it to being a pea in the soup at a great banquet; being aware that I am only a petty little pea, but also a little pea which becomes the King's greatness just by his reassuring glance telling it that without being his little sweet pea, the soup would not be His Banquet Soup and, indeed, His Banquet would be incomplete.

The King picked the menu and the pea soup long before the pea knew it was a pea in the soup and gradually got to know it was chosen to be part of the banquet and would ultimately be consumed by the King, becoming none other than the King himself.