Re: a long time

Hallo Purnakama, such a nice post...

It was very kind of you to think of me... (oh, I was sneezing a few times! :-))

The aphorism you posted did help me as I was, indeed, in a situation that frightened me, but that is another story. Especially the outer world situation at times frightens me. The aphorism served as a strong confirmation of what I read in Guru's book "Earth's Cry Meets Heaven's Smile", Part 3, (excerpt):

The question was: "Does evil have a real existence?"

"...In India there is a philosophy called Vedanta philosophy. The followers or practitioners of that philosophy are not satisfied even with calling it ignorance; they will say that it is a mere obstacle in our path. What you call evil, what I call ignorance, they call an impediment, an obstacle in our way to absolute oneness with God.

"...So if you take evil in the sense of ignorance or an obstruction on earth, it does exist. But if you say that evil is something very dark or dangerous, like a roaring lion wanting to devour us at every moment, standing right against the Divine Will, a demon or a hostile force incarnate, it is not like that. It is only the play of ignorance in the lower planes of consciousness that we see. We use various terms to describe it. In the highest world, the spiritual world, there is no evil and God Himself has not created any evil. God had created only Good, Light, Peace and Bliss."

* * *


P.S. I am not into hockey but I can easily comprehend your happiness...